Aluminium MIG Welding Wire

Being a relatively softer material compared to steel, aluminium’s properties present some challenges to welding such as sensitivity to heat and distortion.At Betaweld, we supply wholesale high quality European manufactured triple shaved aluminium MIG welding wire. We engineer and manufacture our aluminium wires specifically to make light work of MIG welding, no matter the application. Buy them in bulk at Betaweld today.

XT-5356 Aluminium Welding Wire

A premium grade wire that’s ideally suited for welding of alloys containing up to 5% magnesium and has good resistance to marine atmospheric corrosi...


XT-5183 Aluminium Welding Wire

A premium triple shaved aluminium welding wire suited for use where high strength and excellent resistance to sea water corrosion is required....


Features and Benefits of Our Aluminium MIG Welding Wire

XT-5356 (GMAW)

XT-5183 (GMAW)