Supplier of Specialist Welding Products

The Betaweld name has been a trusted provider of welding equipment and supplies, designed and engineered for the Australian market. All of our solutions are high quality, cost effective and represent the ultimate value to end users.

For all your MIG, TIG and Arc Welding Requirements

Through years of supplying welding equipment and supplies to the evolving welding industry, the Betaweld brand has become synonymous with high quality products that meet or exceed industry standards. With our comprehensive catalogue and extensive experience, we are a hallmark of excellence within the Australian market – fully capable of providing practical solutions to your welding needs.

A Comprehensive Range of Welding Solutions

Our commitment to making sourcing easy for our customers makes us a trusted wholesale supplier among welders and businesses throughout the country.

With an extensive product portfolio, we give welders access to a wide range of high quality welding supplies and equipment, from solid MIG wires and TIG filler rods to welding gloves and cable connectors. We serve our customers with the end goal of becoming their go-to wholesale solutions provider, which is why we cover all bases in the welding department.

Look no further than our products to get your welding done quickly and effectively.


Supplying a range of quality wires for Australia's fabrication industry.

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We offer high quality entry level helmets suited to all welding applications.

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Innovative, high quality welding gloves that are designed to suit the most discerning welder.

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Australia's largest welding tent designed for the Oil & Gas Industry.

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Stainless Steel Solid MIG Wires

We provide a range of stainless steel GMAW wires that are corrosion, tarnish and oxidation-resistant at elevated temperature.

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Aluminium Solid MIG Wires

We carry high quality triple shaved aluminium MIG wire manufactured in Europe.

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