Welding Blankets

Betaweld manufactures industry-leading, heavy-duty welding blankets designed to give the welder the highest level of protection. Select from heat-resistant leather welding blankets and fire-retardant, neoprene-coated welding protection blankets. No matter which product you choose, our fire blankets for welding can protect you and your welding team from fire, burns and other workplace accidents. Find out more about our welding blankets below.

Coated Welding Blankets

Heavy duty protection for welding safety....


Leather Welding Blankets

Premium chrome leather blanket....


Neosafe Welding Blanket

High performance neoprene coated welding blanket....


Silicasafe Welding Blanket

Ultra high performance silica glass coated welding blanket....


Welding Blankets for Superior Material and User Protection

When welding, sparks and metal splashes regularly fall over non-protected areas and even over the welder. Fire-retardant welding blankets protect flammable materials, machinery, equipment or furniture in or near the welding area, lowering the risk of fire. These blankets provide not only strong protection for the workspace but also the welders.

Isolate and protect the welding area with quality fire-resistant blankets. These are available in leather or to improve the spatter protection, a neoprene coated blanket. Along with our helmets and jackets, you have a range of protective equipment that helps you and your staff get the job done more easily and safely.

We use only premium materials. Before products leave our facilities, we put them under rigorous quality checks and testing to make sure they provide superior protection to users and workshops. Betaweld is committed to providing only quality equipment to Australian welders.

Find out more about our leather-made and neoprene-coated welding blankets below. Each product offers great advantages that make it valuable to add to your workshop inventory.

Features and Benefits of Our Welding Blankets

Coated Welding Blankets

Leather Welding Blankets

Neosafe Welding Blankets

Silicasafe Welding Blankets

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