XT-Series Wires

Betaweld XT-Series Mig Wires Explained

Betaweld’s new range of Mig welding wires are rapidly proving their worth as a premium quality wire. The range has been labelled the XT Series to highlight the extreme performance of these welding wires that includes both solid mild steel wire and aluminium mig wires.

The Betaweld XT mild steel range of all positional solid wires are manufactured in Italy and will be known in Australia as XT-70S, XT-80S & XT-110S wires. The product is supplied as 15kg recyclable spools in both 0.9mm & 1.2mm diameters and comprehensive data sheets and batch certificates are available with for the entire range on this site.

The special high performance CuZn coating on these wires provides an exceptional power density and high speed drag that is up to 30% more than standard copper coated wire, making them ideal for both hand torch and robotic applications. The CuZn coating also releases a much higher quality weld bead than standard copper coated wire combined with low and minimal spatter.

The Betaweld XT-70S mig wire is a premium coated ER70S-6 mig wire designed for all-positional welding of unalloyed carbon steels and similar. It is an all positional wire that is highly suitable to be used in general structural steel fabrication and automotive manufacturing.

The Betaweld XT-80S is a premium coated low alloy mig wire designed for specialised welding of high strength steels.  XT-80S is designed for welding medium to high strength steels particularly where service temperatures up to 500°C are applicable. Typical applications include structural welding of sheet and plate steel and tubular sections, including trailers, pressure vessels, hoppers and storage tanks.

The Betaweld XT-110S is a premium coated low alloy mig wire designed for welding high strength steels with a tensile strength greater than 800MPa. It is an all positional wire that is highly suitable for welding applications in high stress structural components for earthmoving machines, crane booms and heavy equipment. This wire also provides excellent resistance in low temperature applications down to minus 40°C.

The XT Series also includes two very notable aluminium GMAW wires known as XT-5183 and XT-5356 Aluminium Welding Wires that are professional aluminium welding wires that are also manufactured in Italy using European raw materials. These high quality aluminium welding wires are triple shaved for superior feedability and arc control. The wires also benefit from a special cleaning process after final drawing that makes these wires highly suitable and preferred in Europe for robotic welding processes.

The Betaweld XT-5183 wire is a professional aluminium welding wire that contains up to 1% manganese and is ideally suited for use where high strength and excellent resistance to sea water corrosion is required. Typical applications of this mig wire include welding of aluminium where a high strength is required in marine and structural industries, ship building, boat repairs and maintenance and automotive barwork and fitouts.

The Betaweld XT-5356 is a premium grade wire it is ideally suited for welding of alloys containing up to 5% magnesium and has good resistance to marine atmospheric corrosion. The applications of this mig wire include welding of aluminium in general fabrication, ship building, boat repairs, bullbars and rollbars and general welding of many aluminium alloys.

The XT Series wires are guaranteed to produce high quality welding in multiple applications and environments and clearly are professional’s preferred choice when quality welding wire is a must.

This range is currently only available from Alphaweld Supply Group, Perth, Canning Vale. Contact them on (08) 9456 8000 to purchase or to request a demonstration of these wires email info@alphaweld.com.au