Professional Triple Shaved Aluminium Welding Wire

These Betaweld wires are professional aluminium welding wires that are manufactured in Italy using the highest quality European raw materials.

These premium quality aluminium welding wires are both triple shaved for superior feedability and arc control. The wires also benefit from a special cleaning process after final drawing that essentially strengthens the material for heavy duty and robotic welding.

This final process minimises the breakdown due to excess of powder remaining on the finished product and makes it very highly recommended for heavy duty applications and robotic welding processes.

These XT wires are guaranteed to produce high quality welding in any aluminium application.

View XT-5183 Aluminium Mig Wire 

View XT-5356 Aluminium Mig Wire


Betaweld Batch Certificates

Now available are your Betaweld Batch Certificates online…

Find them at: Batch Certificates

If you can’t see it there please contact us for the correct certificate.

Betaweld has distributors in Queensland…


Queensland Welding Products

Please contact them on (07) 3399 6199


53 Taylor St. Bulimba QLD

ACL Welding Supply

Please contact them on (07) 4130 8800


59 Commercial Street KENSINGTON QLD 4670

We please to announce that Betaweld has a distributor in Northern Territory…

Betaweld is pleased to appoint Totalweld Sales & Service as a stockist of Betaweld Welding Tents.

Totalweld is a family owned and operated Territory business that strives to provide welding supplies to the Territory community. For more than 15 years Totalweld has been one of the leading Territory suppliers of equipment, tools and welding consumables to Industry, Engineering, Mining and remote locations across the Northern Territory.

They are currently located at: 23 McCourt Rd, Palmerston NT 0830

Their website is:

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